A Little Respect

Dear Mr Cameron,

According to the online Oxford English Dictionary the word memorial is defined as this…

  • 1a statue or structure established to remind people of a person or event: a memorial to General Robert E. Lee
  •  [as modifier] intended to commemorate someone or something: a memorial service in the dead man’s honour
  • 2 chiefly historical a statement of facts, especially as the basis of a petition: the Council sent a strongly worded memorial to the Chancellor of the Exchequer
  •  a record or memoir: Mrs Carlyle’s Letters and Memorials.


Yet amazingly, according to the Cameron Twattish Dick-tionary it means this…



  • Opportunity to take  your two-faced taxpayer-funded arse on a free trip to pretend you have respect for someone you don’t.
  • An event seen by people from around the world where you can embarrass not only yourself but also dishonour your country by inappropriate behaviour, such as taking ‘selfies’ with other World Leaders.


Now let me understand this, we the people of Gt Britain are frowned upon for ‘celebrating’ the demise of an ex Prime Minister who cause misery, poverty and heartache upon a great many citizens and their families but it’s ok for YOU to be totally disrespectful at a memorial service for a man loved by many (you probably wouldn’t understand that concept), is that right?

Well guess what.. it’s not friggin ok. It’s disgusting behaviour and you should be bloody ashamed of yourself. Here’s the thing, regardless on your personal views this event was a memorial service for a well respected, well loved man who had a family. How are they going to feel when they see this photo? How would you feel if it was your Father’s memorial service that someone had been taking ‘selfies’? That the photo spread the world like wildfire and would be there for an eternity? How would your Mother or your siblings feel? They’d be disgusted, just like the rest of us are with you. You were there in the role of Prime Minister of Gt Britain. You were supposed to be representing the country, OUR country. For that reason alone, I will be sending a formal complaint to Kathryn Hudson, the current Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards in respect of a breech of the code of conduct for members of Parliament, section 3 (7) – “Members should act on all occasions in accordance with the public trust placed in them. They should always behave with probity and integrity, including in their use of public resources.”

despicable dave

You Dave work for us whether you like it or not. If you can’t accept that and understand that within your role as OUR representative there are standards to uphold and expectations to meet the do us a favour and bugger off so that we can be represented by a decent human being, not an attention seeking junkie.

Can I just remind you of the Ministerial Code document (2010) which can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ministerial-code and highlight specific text written by you as a foreword.

“In everything we do – the policies we develop and how we implement them, the speeches we give, the meetings we hold – we must remember that we are not masters but servants. Though the British people have been disappointed in their politicians, they still expect the highest standards of conduct. We must not let them down.”

Dave, you let us all down today.


7 thoughts on “A Little Respect

  1. Mandela brought freedom to south Africa, to celebrate life and death in the African way . This was a celebration of a free African life, forget about putting your British perspective on the celebration of his life for a day ms sarahtomkins.

    • I don’t believe I had a perspective on celebrating his life, just on how I’d like a representative of mine to behave in public Myob. I am sure as Mandela fought so hard for freedom he wouldn’t be personally offended by this demonstration of free speech were he able to read this. Thank you for your comment x

    • I agree whole-heartedly with your response on how our representatives should behave. South Africa is celebrating The Great Man’s life in such a glorious way I just wish to say (which i couldn’t be bothered to before!) that maybe the offending incident was, although ill-judged, not as disrespectful in it’s context as if it was in UK. As you say freedom of speech and all that ! Please don’t think I am not applauding you for making the effort to let the politicians know! Thanks!

  2. Nor then would he be offended by someone taking a harmless ‘selfie’ at his memorial. One can’t have it all ways. I personally think the massive outpouring of grief over a man not averse to the use of violence is somewhat disturbing. It’s almost like a large part of his history has been completely airbrushed out of existence. Even if the ideology and political system he was fighting against was inherently wrong, the deaths caused by pro-apartheid forces have been vastly outnumbered by the deaths since apartheid was abolished (white farmers, black on black murder in the post-apartheid power vacuum) so of what real benefit what his struggle? One could pretty easily substitute the story arc of Gerry Adams for Nelson Mandela and ask, would flags fly at half mast and would world leaders turn up for that one?

  3. Mandela did not bring freedom to South Africa, ask the majority of black South Africans. Just as Dave has not bought stability or dignity to this country.

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