Artificial Intelligence…

Oh deary me! I have had quite a giggle this morning and what I giggled at really DOES need to be shared.. and shared.. and shared..

I read an article about Iain Duncan Smith and the Universal Corruption  Credit System on the website this morning and the adverts on the sides made me laugh. This is what I saw…

ids condoms



Now I am no IT expert but I have noticed that adverts appears for different reasons. Sometimes, on sites such as Facebook, they appear because the user has made a search for a specific item or has clicked on previous links with the same theme etc.  On websites I understand that it could be connected to tag words, content or just random.

Now considering a few years ago after becoming Mum to my third beautiful child I decided my sprog-dropping days were over and got my tubes tied, I can assure you that searching for Durex is not in my top ten list of things to do at the weekend. The nearest I get to searching for brands of condoms would be looking up old ‘Mates’ on Friends Reunited – and I haven’t even done that recently. So I’m ruling that reason out.

I am left with three other scenarios…

  1. It was random.
  2. The web designer put in some hidden tags and accidentally wrote Condoms instead of ConDems.
  3. The computer saw the photo of IDS and thought “That’s one Hell of a cock!” And added the relevant advert. (Although ‘Embrace’ wouldn’t have been my choice of name!)

Anyways, here is the link to the article..

So money is going down the drain because the new IT system cannot cope. In September, £34m of IT costs were written off and the roll out had been delayed. Now they want to put the plans back to phase one and write off £119m of work that has taken place in the last three years. This is a complete shambles and totally unacceptable but what is being done about it? Absolutely bugger all it seems.

Now, imagine you ran a business and one of your employees fucked up big time costing you millions and blaming it on the computer system. Would you say “Ah never mind, not your fault. Don’t worry just start again!” You wouldn’t would you? So why the Hell is Cameron allowing this to happen and why is IDS still in his job when he is clearly incompetent? More importantly why are WE the people, the REAL employers of IDS allowing this to happen. £119m+ could have been re-invested into projects to help people find work or increase their skills, £119m+ could have been re-invested in social care or healthcare or in education. £119m+ could have done so much when in fact like the person recklessly spending it, it’s doing absolutely sod all to help the people of the country.

If Mr & Mrs Duncan Smith had seen a Durex advert in 1953 then maybe sixty years on we wouldn’t be getting screwed over by their son.


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