Bye bye BBC… letter to TV Licensing.

The Beeb are getting nowt from me any more, no longer will I fund paedophilia, corruption and incompetence.  This is what I’ve sent them.

Dear TV Licensing,

Re: License Number ************

Please take this letter as a formal complaint and yet another request to cancel my TV license.

We no longer require a TV license for our address for the following reasons listed below:
We do not fund the wages or promotion of careers for child sex offenders or paedophiles. Nor are we responsible for funding YOUR compensation payments to those poor families who have had their lives destroyed by YOUR employees. You will have to stop paying big pay-offs to dodgy personnel in order to pay the estimated £19.1m you have been reported to have set aside for the cases of Jimmy Savile etc. yourselves.

We do not fund the Conservative Party. Your ‘news’ as you call it is completely biased toward this party to the extent that you may as well rename yourselves the British Broadcasting Conservatives. Because indeed that is what you have become. You used to be a service that people of Britain were proud of with great programming and a solid reputation. You are now a laughing stock who does not care what programming they provide because the corrupt system guarantees you an income through an immoral tax. So if I want to become a member of the Tory Party (the day Hell freezes over) I will pay my membership to them directly and not via my TV license.

Trades Descriptions Act 1968. The Trade Descriptions 1968 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which prevents manufacturers, retailers or service industry providers from misleading consumers as to what they are spending their money on. I declare that I have been misled. I was on the understanding that my license fee payments went towards unbiased, well researched programming. I have since found that my license fee instead goes to subsidising poorly researched and biased documentaries, repeat after repeat and selective ‘news items – again biased. Indeed the BBC, based in Salford, Greater Manchester, failed to notice a 50,000 strong protest in Manchester itself. Coverage was minimal yet you managed to cover the Conservative Conference in exactly the same area. I can only assume that your reporters/journalistic teams are either stupid, poorly trained and mentored or too busy brown nosing the Tories to notice the thousands of license fee payers outside with loud hailers and placards. Also I have a concern with the BBC Trust. The following two sentences are taken from the BBC website: “The BBC exists to serve the public, and it’s mission is to inform, educate and entertain. The BBC Trust is the governing body of the BBC, and we make sure the BBC delivers that mission.” If this is the case then the BBC Trust are also failing their duty to the public and my theory is that the license fee should become null and void for every fee payer. My only conclusion can be that the BBC Trust are deliberately protecting their interest (BBC) in order to keep enforcing the immoral tax on the good people of Britain to enable the BBC to fund pay-offs to countless execs. 

All in all I reserve my right to own a television for the sole use of my family to watch DVDs, videos, on demand films and non-live broadcasts which do not legally require a TV license. Should the BBC and the BBC Trust prove to me in the future that they have regained a degree of decency, integrity and respect I will contact you requesting a TV license. I am also within my right to inform you of the following:

Notice of Removal of Implied Right of Access
You are advised to read the following notice thoroughly and carefully. It is a lawful notice. 
I hereby give notice that the implied right of access to the property known as (address) has been removed in respect of the following:
a. Any employee, or agent or principle or any other person acting on behalf of TV Licensing, BBC or BBC Trust in relation to this matter or any related issues forthwith.
b. Any employee, or agent or principle or any other person acting as third party agents for/on behalf of TV Licensing, BBC or BBC Trust in relation to this matter or any related issues forthwith.
Please also take notice that any transgression of this notice will be dealt with through the courts. You are deemed to have been served this notice with immediate effect. In addition to this notice I would like ALL further correspondence to be via letter or email. Telephone calls will no longer be an acceptable means of communication as I have mental health issues and am unable to receive calls at present.

I understand that you declare I owe you some monies in respect of a TV license. You ignored my previous requests to cancel my TV License which is why I have not paid. I request that someone in the complaints department looks into this matter and contacts me with regards a revised amount and to discuss a repayment plan. If of course you wish to consider it as an option I would be happy to donate the amount owed in monthly instalments to a national child abuse survivor charity so that it goes towards someone that needs it and not the next executive you need to pay up to shut up.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Miss Sarah D Tomkins 

Copies of this letter also sent to:
BBC Trust
Rt. Hon Ms Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of Public Accounts Committee, Parliament.


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