Dear Dave, there’s a country suffering – send humanitarian aid quick!

So Dodgy Dave wants to bomb the f*ck out of Syria with his mate, Bollox O’banana now. He had planned it for this weekend but that dratted Red Ed put the kibosh on that by growing a backbone and opposing the idea instead of his usual drivel of putting them down and then rolling over and playing dead when push comes to shove. Better late than never Mr M, but will it be too little too late for the electorate? Time will tell I guess.

Just before I go blindly rambling on I’d just like to post the definition of the word “humanitarian”

hu•man•i•tar•i•an (hyuˌmæn ɪˈtɛər i ən; often yu-)


1. having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.
2. pertaining to the saving of human lives or to the alleviation of suffering: a humanitarian crisis.
3. pertaining to ethical or theological humanitarianism.


4. a person actively engaged in promoting human welfare and social reforms, as a philanthropist.
5. a person who professes ethical humanitarianism.
In the President’s.. oops.. I meant the Prime Minister’s speech (how silly of me to think that Dave is merely being O’banana’s UK mouthpiece *slaps hand*) the word humanitarian is spoken frequently. Here are a few examples:
  • “Agrees that a strong humanitarian response is required…”
  • “Notes that this Resolution relates solely to efforts to alleviate humanitarian suffering…”
  • “and we should be proud in the House and this country of the massive role that aid agencies and British aid money are playing in relieving this disastrous humanitarian situation. We are one of the largest donors, and we will go on making that investment because we are saving lives and helping people every day.”

Now let’s marry the definition of the word and the Pres oops sorry, Prime Minister’s words. Sounds good doesn’t it? Unfortunately something isn’t right. Let’s look at the definition of “Humanitarian Crisis”

Humanitarian crisis

humanitarian crisis (or “humanitarian disaster”) is an event or series of events which represents a critical threat to the health, safety, security or wellbeing of a community or other large group of people, usually over a wide area.

Now Dave,  if you ask many people who have had their benefits cut, denied or sanctioned they may well feel that they themselves are in an humanitarian crisis. I have, in my short time working around the poverty issue found incidences of a person with diabetes sanctioned and only allowed a set number of food parcels, stories of people deemed fit to work and dying within weeks from their existing conditions, people unable to cope with losing their only income and ending their lives, and so much more.

Apart from the fact that you want to send our troops out there to do your dirty work for you and lay their own lives on the line just to make you and O’banana feel like big men, which actually just shows what little two-face weevils you both really are, you are throwing a vast amount of financial aid (you openly admit to being one of the biggest donors in your speech today) to other countries while at the same time leaving your own citizens starving and unsupported. You Sir are a f*cking c*ck and you don’t deserve a penny of your obscenely large wage packet. Over 106,000 people have died due to your welfare reforms and you clearly do not give a sh!t about a single one of them. WE are a suffering country, where the F*ck is our aid?

Here’s my situation, my partner took on the only job he could get after being made redundant and being out of work for over six months. It’s on a zero hours contract and he’s working (albeit indirectly) for a well known company that uses legal loopholes to avoid paying a decent standard of corporation tax. Instead of being helped into work his training needs were ignored and there was no support in the six week period between starting his job and receiving his first wage packet, which he’s yet to get.  HMRC did manage to establish that my partner had somehow not paid enough tax and were quick to inform us that they would be recovering that from his wages every month. Shame the benefit advice people lost us two months JSA, housing benefit and council tax benefit. We also got hit by your wonderful bedroom tax because we have a bedroom for my partner’s nearly 13 year old daughter whom we have stay with us on a regular basis. When I wrote to my MP to raise my concerns he referred it to some Lord who basically told us tough sh!t and that when we downsize and my partners ex takes it back to court to complain her daughter has no bedroom we should just hope we get a good understanding  Judge. Yeah, thanks for that. What a bunch of w@nkers you all are. So we were stuck with the bedroom tax because unlike you who thinks responsible parenting is leaving your kids behind in a pub, we actually care about our children and couldn’t take the risk of losing contact due to not having a bedroom.

I started a group in my local area trying to help people in poverty (most of them put there by you and your crack team of idiots that you fondly like to call the Department of Work & Pensions). I am making sure I hold local Councillors, Council Officials and the Council leader to account and I scrutinise their scrutiny committees and attend various professional meetings with the council and other agencies to develop strategies and policies to deal with the fallout from the stupid most uncaring and ill-thought out policies that deluded baldy and his cronies could think of. The stupid f*cker lies and cheats his way through the working week spouting on about greedy benefit scroungers and fraudsters costing the taxpayers money. Yet pretends to hire his Missus and claims for sh!tty underpants. For f*cks sake buy that man a mirror then maybe, just maybe he’ll find a greedy fraudster he can make an example of. Can you tell I’m p!ssed off Dave? Shall I tell you why? Because I am on my last tenner, I haven’t got any money for school uniform for my children and on my birthday this week I spent the morning in a meeting at my local Town Hall, trying to work out how to minimise and respond to the emotional, physical and financial local humanitarian crisis you have created. No doubt today all your MP’s got paid for having to attend Westminster. I do all my meetings etc for nothing. Oh hang on I had a 6 mile round trip walk because I didn’t have money for a bus so I got paid in blisters on my feet and plenty of pain when my arthritis played up. Again, thanks for that.

There I was thinking it was Rebecca Brookes that got all the pleasure, but instead it looks like you are screwing the whole damn country.


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