Iain, Statistically your days are numbered. 3-2-1 GO!!!

Oh dear Iain you’ve done it again haven’t you? Another lie, about statistics. This time caught out by the diligence of Sheila Gilmore MP who contacted the UK Statistics Authority and found out you’ve been telling porkies again. Here’s the info.. Sheila Gilmore Press Release 24/2/14  
Now I’m really worried about your state of mind Iain, because it seems to me and my untrained eye (bloody hell I should work for Atos with those non-qualifications!) that you are either a compulsive liar or a total Sociopath. Here are the definitions of each, because unlike you I like to back up my work with FACTS. So here goes…
Compulsive Liar.
a person who lies to the point of it being considered a disease or condition, an abnormally habitual liar
noun Psychiatry.

a person with a psychopathic personality whose behaviour is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.
So which is it?  The public all know you have a history of lying, your name, your CV, your education, your military career and now nearly everything that comes out of your mouth regarding the workings and the failings of the DWP has that hint of Eau De Bullcrap. Your CV should be published as by all accounts it is an awesome work of fiction, I mean come on Humpty fecking Dumpty has had more contact with soldiers than I bet you have in your ‘career’. You churn out so many porkie pies that you’d give Melton Mowbray a run for their money! Rumour in fact has it that Pinocchio was modelled on your good self, totally wooden, no heart and a lie with every sentence. If Spitting Image made a comeback they wouldn’t have to make many changes I’m sure.
Alternatively, you do fit some of the indicators to be diagnosed as a Sociopath, avenging war on the sick, poor and vulnerable, 10,600+ deaths of people declared fit for work by Atos at last count – before you started keeping your death toll a secret. You should be locked away, because you take no responsibility for these lost lives, for these broken families left behind and for the fear you instil in the hearts and souls of vulnerable human beings who should be looked after in there times of need, not thrown to the wolves and left to beg for help to survive. Those too proud to beg or left with very little support are left to endure a lonely and impoverished death sentence. Atos is the Judge, Decision Makers are the Jury, but scum like you and McVile are the executioners. 
Thousands of people stood outside Atos ‘Courts’ last week to demonstrate against the injustice of your vile campaign of terror against the sick and disabled. Atos suddenly decided they were ‘scared’ of death threats, ironic really considering they’ve been helping dish plenty out over the last few years. Atos are not fit for purpose and neither are you. It reminded me of a letter I sent to you last year and I’d like to enclose something from that previous letter in this one because it’s still relevant, now more than ever.
Iain Duncan Smith - Statement of Fitness of Work

Iain Duncan Smith – Statement of Fitness of Work

Please don’t think it’s just me having a rant, the time for just ranting is long gone. It’s time for action because it’s time for change. People want better and people deserve better. Better than this inhumane Government with heartless Ministers who just want what’s best for them, we deserve better than you.

Chat Soon,

Sarah Tomkins.

Now I’m just going to do a little fact-finding mission on the end of this blog to gauge public opinion and formulate some statistics. Feel free to invite your family, friends and colleagues to take part won’t you?

Which one contains more bullshit?


a) Iain Duncan Smith

b) Billy The Bull

b) Billy The Bull

Feel free to share your vote in a comment below x


6 thoughts on “Iain, Statistically your days are numbered. 3-2-1 GO!!!

  1. Decisions, decisions! I have to decide that Billy is the more worthwhile provider of bullcrap because his is useful and creates growth, unlike Iain’s which is usually flushed after just a few days and does nothing but cause a major stink.

  2. At least Billy’s bullshit is good for something – manure. IDS’ bullshit is vile, foul and a death risk. Get the vet quick! Have him put down…

  3. Why give him a choice ( of when to leave ) what choice did his victims have – NONE ? Whatever Cameron took him back on for beggars belief. He failed as a Prime Minister – had no bottle or backbone when faced with dissent, and gave up after two years in office. He has proved that he is not fit to be called an Englishman, he shames all those who faught and gave their lives to keep this Country free, he should GO and NOW – the same way he did last time.

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