Limited company…

My email to the Prime Minister, 20/11/2013.

Dear Prime Minister,

Your logic does defy me sometimes I must admit. In you rush to make sure the Country hails you as a Hero when you announce that you are launching numerous inquiries into former Co-Operative Chairman, Paul Flowers, spearheaded by none other than your sidekick, Gidiot Osborne. I can only assume that you are looking at Gidiot’s experience in this field as an advantage. His knowledge and understanding of the issues must be invaluable. Let’s look at that more closely…

Paul Flowers… Found adult porn on his laptop.

Gidiot Osborne… Found with prostitute, Natalie Rowe on his lap.

Paul Flowers… Shown on video allegedly discussing a drug purchase.

Gidiot Osborne… Shown on photo with what is possibly cocaine.

Paul Flowers… Became Chairman of the Co-Operative Bank with limited banking experience.

Gidiot Osborne… Somehow got the job of Chancellor regardless of the fact he has to take his socks off to add up further than ten.

You were quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying:

“Why was Reverend Flowers judged suitable to be chairman of a bank? Why weren’t alarm bells rung earlier, particularly by those who knew? And I think it will be important in the coming days that if anyone does have information they stand up and provide it to the authorities.”

To be honest Prime Minister, I think with the dire job your pal Gidiot has done in the past three years, a very similar question could be applied to him too.

Until then, we will just observe the investigation of a ‘limited banker’ conducted by a ‘limited wan bloke’


Sarah Tomkins.



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