More blood on your hands Dave?

Dear Mr Cameron,
It’s still happening isn’t it? Your ‘reforms’ are STILL killing people. Atos assessments, suicides through the bedroom tax, people starving while on a sanction and now culling through the NHS. 
I read a news article about a 2 year old boy dying due to the lack of an A&E Dept at Chase Farm Hospital in the Daily Mail this morning.   It particularly struck a chord with me as many moons ago I used to work in that very hospital, as did my Mum, my Dad and my Sister. I was born in that hospital and as a child I was taken to that very A&E that you closed down. 
The DM reported the following… 

In Opposition, David Cameron vowed to save Chase Farm from an ‘unjustified’ top-down reorganisation, and promised a ‘bare-knuckle fight’ over the closure of local  hospital services. In October 2007 he and fellow Tory Andrew Lansley even joined campaigners outside the hospital in a protest.

But in September 2011 Mr Lansley, as Health Secretary, approved the A&E closure.

So tell me Dave, what exactly did you save? Because it sure as Hell wasn’t this little boys life. By taking away this A&E Dept you have left sick people at risk. You took this little boys life away from him, you took a child from his parents and you took any last chance of people believing that you actually care. And when you and Lansley are standing in front of the media expressing your condolences for this little boys family, please tell me which faces will you be using because it is apparent to me that both of you are indeed completely two-faced. No doubt you will ensure you speak not as a politician but as a Father who has lost a child and whilst all losses are equally tragic whatever the circumstances there IS a difference. This child was lost through neglect, neglect by you and Lansley. And I hope this haunts you both forever.

So what will be your legacy Mr Cameron when you are finally toppled of your perch?

Broken promises, broken NHS and broken hearts.

Sarah Tomkins.



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