Oh Lord, how the other half live..

I’m fuming. I’ve totally had enough of this welfare state. Constant handouts and benefits to lazy, greedy parasites who turn up for a days work as and when they feel like it and even when they do turn up half of them are probably sleeping on the job come the afternoon.

Yes that’s right, I’ve had enough of the greedy feckers in the House of Lords. Today I have read two news articles in my Facebook news feed. The first was about how the catering services in the Commons and Lords cannot be merged as the Lords don’t want to lose their quality champers. Now forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t the canteen/catering up to the employer and not the employee? If you don’t like the food on offer in the WORKPLACE then eat out or bring a packed lunch. Millions of low-paid workers do exactly this day in and day out, without whinging and complaining so why can’t they? Maybe, just maybe if they weren’t pissed on Bollinger and Moet then they’d stand half a chance at staying awake through the afternoon sessions and possibly earning their £300 daily allowance once in a while. Here’s the link to the news article.. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/dec/07/champagne-house-of-lords-reform-taxpayer?CMP=fb_gu

The second link was this… http://www.lbc.co.uk/heartbreaking-call-the-man-too-poor-to-eat-101623?fb_action_ids=10152886795666774&fb_action_types=og.recommends

Please listen to the audio clip of the guy phoning into the show, it’s heartbreaking and so hard to listen to but it needs to be heard and it needs to be shared. This guy some days just lives off a tin of spaghetti or baked beans. He’s not drinking champers or fine dining but there again he’s not a scrounger, he’s a human being and he’s down on his luck. If he’s lucky he’ll treat himself to a bottle of fizz, that’ll be the 17p a bottle of Smartprice lemonade. This guy like many wants to work but it’s hard enough to job seek when you have a full belly and money to look after yourself, throw into the mix the lack of energy from not eating properly and the depression that brings you down from being beaten down by the system and world around you and you are at a distinct disadvantage in your quest to find employment. Then just when people are at their lowest they are likely to get hit with a sanction, less money, same amount of bills so the food gets cut even more and the depression increases. Some people make it but some see only one way out of the system and tragically take their lives, well what little life they still had in them anyway.

However much the media would like us to believe, many people don’t want a handout but a hand up. I’ve used a food bank more than once, and to be honest I was too hungry to feel embarrassed or humiliated. The people who should be both embarrassed and humiliated are the Coalition Government who are hitting the poorest and most vulnerable the hardest while they and their Westminster cronies enjoy a life of fine foods, fine wines and money for nothing.

We certainly need to reign these scroungers in.


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