Oh Philip, the peasants are revolting…

5th November 2013

Your Majesty,

Do you have any idea what is going on on outside of your ivory towers? Your substantially WELL LIT ivory towers at that I may add. I am watching the 5th November ‘Burn Austerity’ protests happening right now outside Buck House.  I’ve read on your own website you have 40,000 inside that palace so I hope they are energy saving ones because the energy prices have gone up massively? You best get Prince Philip to dig out those knitting needles because our great Prime Minister’s deep and meaningful advice is to wear more jumpers. I understand when one of your Aides had the bright idea of trying to get a Government grant they were advised that it may not go down well with the public. Not go down well with the public? That my lovely is a flipping understatement. Did they not think “Hmm how will this look.. Rich old lady, owns several houses.. wonder if I say the £1m electric bill is ‘untenable’ whether we can just take some taxpayers money?”

Those taxpayers are people that work hours and hours on minimum wage trying to feed their families and pay their own energy bills. Those taxpayers are the sick and disabled that are having their benefits cut and their health costs rising. Those taxpayers are the thousands of families that are having to pay the bedroom tax because there are very few properties to downsize to.

You of course don’t have that problem, you don’t need to work countless hours to make ends meet, you just delegate jobs to your Aides and Secretaries. You don’t have to worry that your lifestyle will change if you or Prince Philip become unwell or whether you will receive treatment because you are in the wrong postcode or because hospitals are overstretched, under-funded or being sold off to the highest bidder. You don’t have to worry about having to move to smaller accommodation, unsettling small children by having to change schools or even the worst scenario of becoming homeless altogether. In fact, unlike 80,000 children this year, your children, their children and their children can spend this Christmas in your comfortable, warm palace with 52 Royal and guest bedrooms to choose from. Westminster Council state there are over 2,000 living in temporary accommodation and that last year they interacted with over 1,500 rough sleepers. It’s going to be a cold Christmas for some isn’t it?

Poverty is gripping the Nation and no-one is safe. People can be just one pay-day, one accident, one illness, one corrupt banker or one awful decision in Parliament away. Prices are going up yet income is coming down. Our Government have lost their way, and in their eagerness to please their rich and influential buddies they have let us down big time. By not responding to this, you Ma’am are letting us down too.

Why do you think thousands of people protested outside Buck House tonight? They are calling for help, for acknowledgement, for fairness and justice. You MUST act, because if you don’t more people will die and just like the Government you will have to accept responsibility for this.

At the beginning of October I wrote to approx 45-50 MP’s and Lords. To date I have received only 4 replies. They simply don’t want to hear from ‘real’ people who are being hit by their ‘reforms’ and they haven’t got the guts to explain their decisions because they know they are wrong. They are not our elected representatives, the Conservatives did not win the election outright but needed the Liberal Democrats to ‘make the numbers up’ and we should not accept their authority.

Somewhere this Christmas, there might be a little old lady called Elizabeth Windsor, who is cold, hungry and living in one room because she can’t afford to heat the whole of her home and she doesn’t have a ‘Philip’ knitting her a cardie to keep her warm.. or alive.

What are you going to do to help Elizabeth and others in need or are you going to turn your back and pretend they don’t exist?


Sarah D Tomkins


2 thoughts on “Oh Philip, the peasants are revolting…

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  2. That has to be one of the best letters I have read this year. Like it or not, I’m copying it and pasting it into my own website. Fully credited, of course. 🙂

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