Wish you were here? No we f*cking don’t!

Oh Dear! Poor Dave.

He’s got a bad back. Not just bad but ‘phenomenally bad‘. Aides said no specific incident had caused Mr Cameron’s bad back but that it had ‘developed over time’. I think I’ve spotted the moment the injury occurred…

Public confirm PM's back injury is due to him having his head stuck up his arse for so long.

Public confirm PM’s back injury is due to him having his head stuck up his arse for so long.

Now I sympathise, really I do. It’s awful having a painfully bad back especially when it’s phenomenally painful. Gosh it must be agonising. And to stop you from Deer-Hunting must be dreadfully tiresome, after all one must keep ones hand in the culling and slaying during parliamentary recess, we can’t leave it all to Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey now can we? Although they are doing an outstanding job aren’t they? 10,600+ and still growing. They must be well on their way to meeting whatever cull target you’ve set them.  The sick and disabled need to be culled don’t they. What a drain on society they are.  All those damn paralympians, did absolutely nothing did they? Well except lift the spirits and profile of disability, boosted tourism and trade and made you look good (well almost!). Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson who has promoted disability sports for so many years and has inspired many, many people – and who you stitched up big time over the Sport England job earlier this year.  Yeah let’s cull them all.  As you well know by your own past experiences, the sick and disabled are really only any good for a photoshoot to make you look a little more human (although it doesn’t work by the way).

Now let’s get to the issue of holidays. Personally I think you are seriously taking the proverbial out of all of us. Four freaking holidays? Who in the Hell needs four freaking holidays? I think you are doing it to rub salt in people’s wounds. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are struggling to pay their bills, thousands in court unable to pay Council Tax or Bedroom Tax – and yes it is a tax because definition of ‘tax’ by the Free Online Dictionary says: “Tax: (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a compulsory financial contribution imposed by a government to raise revenue, levied on the income or property of persons or organizations, on the production costs or sales prices of goods and services, etc.” While you are fine dining by the beach, thousands of people are starving and queuing at foodbanks. While you are enjoying the flavours of restaurants, it’s the public that are left with the bad taste in their mouths.

So now you are in Cornwall. Lucky old them. Here’s a few snippets of information about Cornwall you won’t find in the Tourist Guide…

  • A national child poverty charity says that over 18,000 children are living below the poverty line in Cornwall, costing an estimated £196 million a year. (stated in a report published by Child Poverty Action Group)
  • There are 2974 bedroom tax affected social tenants in Cornwall Council area (data from the National Housing Federation)
  • Foodbanks in Cornwall have seen a dramatic rise in users accessing their services, one in Liskeard even had to move to bigger premises.
  • In July 2013 there were 7,282 people claiming Jobseekers Allowance in Cornwall. (Regional Labour Market Statistics, August 2013).

I am also guessing with regards to that Labour Market statistic that we need to take into account that it’s a) July, b) the start of the holiday season and c) a beautiful part of the country that people enjoy holidays at (as you have shown). I think it’s then fair to say that some people may currently be in seasonal work so numbers may appear to be encouraging (obviously not for the 7,282 people in this figure) but we can expect this figure to rise again when the summer season is over and seasonal jobs are ended.

I’m thrilled that you are enjoying your free time, I was worried that maybe you were working so hard you couldn’t get time off, as when I wrote to you earlier in the year asking to meet with you, I had a letter from your office saying thank you for the offer but you had pressures on your diary and was unable to meet with me.  The offer still stands. If it helps I’ll come to you. My diary has probably more availability than yours. After all I’m only attending anti-poverty working groups and committees trying to help the people you’ve shat on from a great height. Oh and I do it for free, like many of my friends around the country are doing. When your backbone has grown a bit and you’ve retrieved your head out from where it is stuck, get in touch with my MP, Stewart Jackson and ask him to get in touch with me to let me know you’d like to talk. He’ll know where to contact me.

By the way, I had a cat once with a phenomenally bad back. We had it put down as it was the most humane thing to do all round.

Just a thought x



2 thoughts on “Wish you were here? No we f*cking don’t!

  1. “Not just bad but ‘phenomenally bad‘”……… Oh? So. Not like mine then? Mine is only constant chronic and often acute back, neck, and whole-body pain as a result of working hard and lifting heavy shit in an effort to pay my taxes. Fuck you Cameron. May your ‘phenomenally’ bad back-pain equal mine. Just that would do me.

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